Most people who develop problems with alcohol or other drugs end up in some form of chaos and unmanageability. When they started drinking at first or using drugs to experiment in the beginning, they did not do so expecting that it will alter the outcome of their lives. Alcohol, being legal and socially acceptable, might not have been seen as a drug or they did not fully understand the addictive nature of whatever drug a friend offered them to try, and what devastating consequences awaited them.

They certainly did not ask to be swept up and controlled by whatever they were using and often the progression to dependence is so slow, subtle and easily explained away, that "before you know it, you are in it". When they see that they have reached a place of losing their spouses, children, jobs, freedom, self respect and ability to think clearly or just to feel good, they often are confused and scared.

What becomes even more confusing is when they realize that there is a part of them that still wants to continue drinking and using despite increasing physical, psychological, spiritual, mental, economical, social or relationship distress. This is not only confusing, but people feel scared, crazy, weak, bad and completely out of control. Paranoia, severe depression, anxiety, suicidality, loneliness, unemployment and bankruptcy were not the agenda for the future. Many times there is a realization that I need to stop or cut down (or so I'm told), but now I can't, even when I honestly want to stop and my willpower can't. "I must be very bad or crazy" Maybe in desperation you have entered the words addiction, alcoholic, help or treatment on an internet search engine and was directed to this website.

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