Treatment plans are individualized around client specific needs.

Clients attend group sessions three times per week. The middle day of the three weekly sessions is a family group education session. Additional individual and conjoint sessions are provided regularly. After first intensive phase of treatment (4 months) the program offers a social support group as continued care. Many clients also attend support groups outside of treatment at 12-step meetings (AA, NA)

Research studies indicate that a minimum of 12 weeks of treatment is required to receive optimal benefit. Because of this finding, the 4-month Matrix Model of Intensive Outpatient treatment is the most frequently recommended and selected program. However, the length of individualized treatment plans may vary.

There are two options:

Group 1:

After hours sessions 3 times/week on:
Tuesday evenings (6pm)
Thursday evenings (6pm)
Saturday mornings (9am)

Group 2: for clients that can attend during working hours

Monday mornings (10am)
Wednesday mornings (11am)
Friday mornings (10am)

More details regarding session times and structure on request from

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