3. Matrix Graduate family member C

The Matrix program really changed our lives - it was a very positive experience.

The knowledge I gained from the program helped me understand what addiction was all about. Family sessions gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my feelings regarding addiction, in a safe environment. Knowledge gained empowered me to handle the situation in a more positive manner. It gave me hope that we will get through it, with hard work, commitment, support and acceptance. It was a practical program which taught my son skills to cope with his life and lead a normal life again - to be responsible for his actions and a live a more conscious life.

The program was well balanced, it covers a clinical (understanding what the brain goes through once it has been exposed to drugs/alcohol) and emotional side (the powerlessness the person experiences once they start using drugs / alcohol). That a person using their drug of choice does not make them a bad person, they have every right to be treated as a worthy human being.

For us it worked and is still working - we live a more honest life, our relationship has changed positively - more open and I am not afraid to confront what arises. Pierre was and still is a wonderful facilitator - understanding, supportive, positive and encouraging. Thanks Pierre for your support - it gave me back my son - he is doing well and exceeding in his working environment.

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