5. Matrix Graduate family member E

By the time I found out that my husband was using drugs, he had already been on Chrystal Meth for 2 years.

The only thing worse than finding out the person closest to you is using "tik", is sharing a home with such a person. My choice was clear - he either quits or our marriage is over. Being parents of two teens, I agreed to stand by him as he travelled the journey into recovery. This was by no means an easy and pleasant ride. I read up on articles on the internet, had meetings with SANCA, and even made him book into rehab.

All of which deemed unsuccessful as my husband lacked the willingness and commitment to change. We were referred to Scienza by a local psychiatrist. When we first met with Pierre, I doubted whether an outpatient programme will be the right "product" for my husband. However, in a desperate attempt to save my marriage (and my sanity) we both agreed to give it a shot.

The Matrix program equipped us with the tools & knowledge to deal with addiction. The treatment required me to be part of the programme, so that I too could understand what his daily challenges were. This involved group discussions, DVD's, one on one discussions, etc.

It was a great experience to share with someone who understood what I was going through and more importantly what my husband was going through. Day by day our relationship grew stronger. We faced the challenges equipped with the knowledge of what we were facing and what were to come. The programme taught us to take it one step at a time and every week my husband would make a commitment not to use until the next meeting.

Although the programme has long ended my husband still meets with the support group of Scienza once a week. We both realise that he will always be a "recovering addict", but I'm proud to be part of his recovery. We owe our thanks to our Heavenly Father who by fate led our paths to meet with Pierre that Saturday in September 2007.

Thank you Pierre for helping us keep our eye on the ball.

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