7. Matrix Graduate G

Previously I was admitted to an in-house rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse for a three week period.

The program content and counsellors were very good but I just did not like being locked up and it interfered with my daily duties. I felt cooped up and deprived of freedom and the treatment did not have the desired and lasting effect. My absence was noted by friends and acquaintances but most important at all by my colleagues at work.

So I was stuck with a label of being an alcoholic by a large number of people. A psychiatrist suggested I joined an outpatient program and I joined the Matrix Program. Over a period of 16 weeks I attended 3 sessions per week. The structure of the program and fellowship with others in the program where very suited to my needs and provided the close support that I did not find at the inpatient rehab centre.

The other main advantage was that it was after hours and did not interfere with my daily life. It created a real desire to stop the substance abuse and after the successful completion of the program I still attend the weekly support group meeting. I am now leading a normal life free from substance abuse and my counsellor is at hand at any time I may need him.

I therefore highly recommend this program for those that are serious in stopping substance abuse and want treatment that is discreet and causes minimum interference with daily life.

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