11. Matrix Graduate Family member K

For our family, first things first, we can really say that in our experience the matrix treatment programme really does work. It is a proven and highly successful way to resolve addictive behaviour, once and for all. It enables sufferers to properly understand the nature of addiction, to confront it and then stop.

But it is also so much more, because it empowers those afflicted with the necessary personal insights and skills to manage addiction for the rest of their lives, if they choose to do so. The programme is not only completely confidential and a wonderful way to constructively help addicts to deal with their problem, but it also enables the families of sufferers to participate in the programme, if they wish to do so. This enables family members to learn to contribute to lasting solutions for all concerned.

This also provides a rarely available opportunity for those who suffer as a consequence of addiction to rebuild relationships and in the process to heal themselves, as well. The professionalism, dedication and care of Pierre with his clients, in providing and running the programme, are truly outstanding. As a whole family, we cannot speak too highly of his commitment, gentle and sensitive care and skilful direction of all of us, in working to resolve our difficulties. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Pierre Louw. When everything appears bleak with no happy end in sight, he is there, a rare man of skill and understanding to really help the addict and their family.

Do not hesitate for a moment longer - phone and speak to him now. You will be so glad you did, we were!

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